□ Project Name:

Shanghai Kangqiao Pubic Welfare Complex “Qin he yuan”

□ Main Intended Purpose:
Residential Area for Elderly(Dedicated Dwelling House
for Elderly, Spa, Culture Center, Eating & Drinking
Commercial Facility etc.), Dedicated Hospital for Elderly
+ Ward General Hospital, Integrated Primary &
Secondary Educational Facility
□ Total Floor Space/ Space/Structure/Stories:
  330,000㎡/ RC/6~11Stories
(The first stage completed : 90,000㎡)
□ Construction Schedule: 2005 September Commencement of work for 1st stage
  Residential Area for Elderly
From 2008 Summer Be available for residents gradually
■History ofAwarded Prizee
Shanghai International Residence Construction
Incentive Award 2006..
Design Concept

“Qin he yuan” is the result of our Life Space proposal harnessing
nature and climate in Jiang Nan whose theme is harmony between
Elderly and other generations. Residents can enjoy luxurious Life
Satisfaction with Advanced Medical and Caring Service as well as
Universal Design under Enriched Ecology, which is based on ample
“Water” and “Green” realized by Japanese environmental technology.

Cherish-Yearn Senior's Home-the source of harmony
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